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About The Electives Program


The BUAC Electives Program gives students the opportunity to take classes in their area of interest and add to their high school transcripts/portfolios with extra-curricular activities and academic courses that are viewed positively by college admission officers. Most elective courses are designed to be hands-on and/or cooperative in nature (discussion-based), giving homeschool students the opportunity to gain desired academic experiences difficult to achieve in the home setting. Occasionally, lecture classes are offered that feature interesting subject matter and/or exceptional teachers.

BU Electives uses a university-style model where students are held directly accountable for their conduct and performance. Please see the "BU Electives Student Expectations" for more information about student rules expectations.

The Electives Program is a Christian program where instruction and student behavior are expected to be compatible with Biblical ideals. The program has been developed to provide assistance to the self-disciplined and self-organized homeschooled teen. Electives is a transitional program designed for students ready to move from parent-directed home education to self-directed cooperative learning. Electives utilizes a university-style model of instruction and operation where students are responsible for their own education. To succeed in this environment, students must be prepared, attentive, mature, independent, and free from distraction.


Homeschool parents should note that The Electives Program strives to provide a safe, wholesome, and supportive program where homeschool teens can learn and interact well, but does not strictly monitor and control the individual or the overall environment. Families seeking a more controlled environment typical of homeschool co-ops that serve younger children are encouraged to avoid or delay enrollment in BUAC Electives. For a more detailed explanation of this program model, along with the BUAC Electives guidelines and expectations, visit the links on the right. 

The Electives Program locates and secures independently contracted instructors to meet with homeschooled students in classes. Parents must hold their children accountable for their behavior and in the learning process at Electives. Parents must also assist in the administration of the center on a limited, volunteer basis, when needed.  Although Electives provides course descriptions and instructor information for each class, it is parents who must make the decision as to whether the class and instructor are appropriate for their child. This design is intended to respect the parents' role as the primary educator of their children. The Electives Program simply seeks to promote home education by assisting parents in finding tutors/teachers and providing a place where they can meet.


The Electives Program is not a school and does not attempt to provide a full-service high school program for students. The slate of classes offered reflect the number of qualified instructors obtained in any given year.  


All students at the academic center are in a voluntary association with The Elective Program and Bluegrass United. Both the student and The Electives Program have the right to remove themselves from this association if either party deems necessary. 


Bluegrass United desires to make excellence a hallmark of the academic center. For that reason, Electives seeks qualified and dedicated instructors. In addition, teachers must demonstrate a commitment to home education, The Electives Program, and the BU mission and core values. Efforts are made to secure instructors who reflect the faith and values of our homeschool community.    


Bluegrass United is a Christian community where instruction and student behavior is expected to be compatible with Biblical ideals.      

The Electives Program is one of many student programs offered by Bluegrass United. To find out more about Bluegrass United, explore the tabs above. You may sign up for the BU News, the email newsletter of Bluegrass United, at the link found at the bottom of this page.  All BU events, registrations, auditions, and athletic team tryouts are announced via the BU News. 

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