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BU Electives Student Expectations

Student Expectations

1) Students are held accountable for understanding and implementing the BU model and expectations. Families should pay special attention to the BU DRESS CODE.


2) BU Electives utilizes a university model of instruction and behavior dependent on student maturity and ability to work independently and without direct parent involvement. Students are responsible for their own behavior, classroom work, handling of issues as they arise. attendance, and keeping their parents informed of their progress and any developing issues. 

3) Because students are fully informed of expectations for behavior prior to the beginning of classes, there is no established system of warnings or notifications for student misconduct at BU Electives. If misconduct occurs, students are not given warnings, but are asked to immediately leave the class, or the program as a whole, until all parties agree (teacher, administrator, and student) the student is prepared to return. 

4) Students are expected to leave their cell phones turned off and put away during class, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Likewise, ear buds, air pods, or similar hearing devices are not permitted during class time.

5) BU is a community of friends. To that end, no “pairing off” among couples or public displays of affection beyond friendship are allowed. 

6) Students are expected to respect Bluegrass United and its programs, teachers, leaders, and students in word and deed.This expectation extends to online forums and social media. Students who bully other students, ridicule teachers or leaders, or publicly dismiss the vision and operating procedures of Bluegrass United may be terminated from the program. 

Student Issues

1) All issues are handled between students and adult leaders/teachers of BU Electives. If classroom issues can not be resolved between students and teachers, either party may appeal to the BU Electives leadership.

2) All questions regarding BU Electives model and operating procedures may be directed to the leadership at

3) BU Electives leaders do not administer discipline, employ a system of warnings, put students on “probation,” or individually monitor student behavior. If the program is not working for an individual student, the remedy of choice is to separate from the student until all involved parties agree the student is ready to re-enter the program. This separation should not be viewed as discipline. punishment, or suspension, but simply time for students and parents to work together to assess the student’s commit level to BU Electives and to prepare for the student’s return, if that is the ultimate goal. 

Social Media

Student communication among BU Electives students via texting and across all social media platforms require the same level of care and respect as spoken communication on campus. BU Electives does not monitor social media, but issues of online disrespect between students or between students and BU adult leaders/teachers that are brought to the attention of program leaders are treated seriously and addressed swiftly. Due to the insidious nature of negative online discussions, students who disrespect other students, teachers, or the BU program as a whole, via texts or social media may be immediately dismissed from BU Electives. Students should keep in mind that so-called “private” text discussions or closed group chats between two or more people are not really private and are often viewed by people outside their group. Given that inappropriate communications via text and social media are one of the most frequent and serious issues at BU Electives, parents are asked to reinforce the need for students to be extremely careful and respectful in their text and online communications with their own children. 

Concerns & Suggestions

BU leaders encourage students and parents to ask questions, especially when there are areas of concern. To make sure all inquiries and comments get to the right people, please send them to If the concern is sensitive or involves a personal issue, the name of the concerned individual will be kept confidential. BU Electives can not address complaints that are communicated anonymously. 

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