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Electives Courses

Fall 2023

Fellowship Hour (12-12:55 PM)

First Hour (1-1:55 PM)

Freshman Foundations

Teacher: Regan Moore
Class Fee: $5

You made it! You are finally in high school, and I bet you are excited. But perhaps a bit nervous as well… No worries! This class exists to help make your transition both smooth and enjoyable. Through games and interaction, students will get to know fellow classmates and BU freshmen to develop friendships that will make their high school career memorable. Additionally, you will also be learning beneficial tips and tricks that will aid you during this time of your life when we cover topics such as leadership, school, college/careers, friendships, and more. But don’t worry, our main goal is to have fun!

*This class is mandatory for incoming freshmen.

Pottery - Guided Hand-building

Teacher: Tina Cornett
Class Fee: $25

In this class we will work in a step by step guided process to build the same projects. We will build several mugs to develop a mastery of this process, then move on to other functional and sculptural pieces. In this class, we will all be building the same pieces and then glazing them. This class is open to new and returning pottery students that are excited about building and working with clay!

Technology Techniques

Teacher: Tiffany Parsons
Class Fee: $5

It isn’t enough just to know how to use a laptop. Our world is increasingly technologically driven. We want students to be prepared and equipped with both the skills and the knowledge to be successful in any technological endeavor they might need in the adult world. This course will start with internet safety and cover things like online bill pay and banking, digital resume building and applying for jobs online, and the full gamut of Google Suite. It is our goal to familiarize students with common online and technological systems that are frequently used and may be needed in the real world. *Laptop and google account required for class.*

Health and Wellness Study

Teacher: Melinda Boyson
Class Fee: $10

This elective course will study the following systems of the body: the cardiovascular, the endocrine, the respiratory, the nervous, the skeletal and the muscular systems. We will be studying traditional health with a focus on wellness. An effort will be made to make it fun and interesting through current research, interactive activities and guest experts.

BUPAC Main Cast and Crew Leaders

Teacher: BUPAC Staff

Class Fee: $50/$30 Crew Only

BUPAC will be performing a play TBA soon.  Casting is by audition only.  However, students may still register to participate in the production crews during the second hour of electives.

BUPAC Main Cast, Stage Managers, and Crew Leaders should register for BUPAC during the 1 PM and 2 PM hours of BU Electives.  Supporting Cast and BUPAC crews will register for BUPAC for the 2 PM hour only. 

Second Hour (2-2:55 PM)

Biscuits, Baskets, and Banjos

Teacher: Jennifer Escobar

Class Fee: $20

A hands-on look at Kentucky mountain culture through its food, crafts, and music. Students can expect to make a few things to keep or give as gifts, eat some tasty traditional food, and participate in a little music and dance. This class is meant to feel like a front porch gathering, where neighbors swap stories, make crafts, and share meals.

Wear What Where?

Teacher: Alfredo Escobar
Class Fee: $10

Why do people wear what they wear? Did history affect fashion, or did fashion affect history? We'll research together and discuss how fashion has changed through the ages, and why we wear what we wear.

iPhone Photography and Photo Editing

Teacher: Regan Moore
Class Fee: $5 

Although you do not always have a camera on you ready to go, it is a guarantee that you have your phone in your pocket or hand. With this device and just a couple of clicks, you can capture any moment, whether that be the sunset, a friend, or a special event. However, who has looked at their camera roll later only to realize that the picture did not turn out well? In this class, we will cover both strategies and artistic considerations to best prevent that beforehand, as well as how to maximize an image after it has been taken through editing. Through hands-on activities and small outside projects, my goal is for students to develop yearbook and social media-worthy photography skills using a tool in the palm of their hand. (For this course, students are required to have an Apple iPhone and access to download photo-editing apps.)

Business Innovation and New Product Development

Teacher: Laura Brauneker
Class Fee: $10

This class will expose students to how new products are developed from early conception to early prototyping. In addition the strategy of managing a new product pipelines and the role of key careers/disciplines in this process will also be explored. Students will: • Learn through a hands on high engagement class room setting. This will most often be a learn by doing class versus a lecture class. • Learn the foundational brainstorming and creative problem solving tools that top fortune 500 companies use to fill their product pipelines • Understand the stages of new product development • Participate in real time competitive “invent arounds” to understand competitive dynamics of intellectual property and the roll of patents in innovation • Get personal experience in a facilitation role during group innovation exercises • Students will get exposed to what cross functional disciplines play key roles in product innovation The goal of this course is to expose students in a fun and interactive environment to product innovation and provide a format for exposure to specific career paths.

BUPAC Drama - All Cast and Crew

Teachers: BUPAC staff
Class Fee: $50/$30 Crew Only

BUPAC will be performing a play TBD. Casting is by audition only.  However, students may still register to participate in the production crews during the second hour of electives.

BUPAC Main Cast, Stage Managers, and Crew Leaders should register for BUPAC during the 1 PM and 2 PM hours of BU Electives.  Supporting Cast and BUPAC crews will register for BUPAC for the 2 PM hour only. 

Third Hour (3-3:55 PM)

Greek Mythology

Teacher: Jamie Groover
Class Fee: None

In this class, we will learn and discuss the exciting, bewildering, and sometimes downright bizarre legends of the Greeks and Romans. These tales of adventure, romance, and revenge will not only introduce us to the gods, heroes, and monsters of the ancients, they will also help us to understand the iconic stories that serve as the basis of so much of modern culture, from the obvious--like Percy Jackson or the names of planets--to the less obvious--like the days of the week or everyday words and phrases.

Stop Motion Art

Teacher: Alfredo Escobar
Class Fee: $10

Students in this class will learn a brief history of how stop-motion art began and what it has become, and will create several of their own projects at various levels of complexity. Students need to have a smartphone to use in this class.

Broadway Karaoke

Teacher: Jennifer Escobar
Class Fee: $10

Set your inner Broadway star free in this class where the name of the game is trying out your favorite songs in silly and serious ways. You can use the practice to help you get a few audition songs ready, or you can just come in and sing, with no future plans whatsoever. This is intended to be a fun class where you can try things out in a safe and respectful environment.

Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Teacher: Regan Moore
Class fee: $10

American Sign Language is the most widely used language amongst Deaf and hard-ofhearing individuals in the United States. Comprised of hand movements, facial expressions, and more, ASL is a unique language with its own rules and grammatical structure. In this course, students will learn the basics of this language, including conversational phrases, vocabulary words, and fingerspelling. They will also be exposed to information pivotal to the Deaf community and their beautiful culture. After the course’s conclusion, students will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of ASL, the people who use it, and their historical experience. (Please understand that the environment of this class will primarily be voice-off, utilizing partially immersion instructional strategies.)

Introduction to Charcoal

Teachers: Amanda Welch
Class Fee: $20

We will be going over some basic drawing skills, shading, perspective and charcoal techniques. Students will get dirty! Charcoal is messy so dress accordingly. The class fee will cover all supplies needed for students each week.

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