BU Core Values

We Believe in  Homeschooling

We Trust Parents

We Embrace


We believe in Homeschooling. We believe high school home school students come to Bluegrass United with an established set of values that have been carefully instituted by their families, their churches and their personal faith. Bluegrass United strives to

provide a safe and supportive community where students can become the people God has called them to be. 



We believe parents know their children best and are uniquely equipped to lead their children. We believe parents are solely responsible for their children’s education and serve as their primary educators. Therefore, BU leaves as many decisions as possible in the hands of parents. Bluegrass United listens to parents and takes all suggestions and criticisms seriously.



We believe the student’s desire for friendship and community is a God-given desire worthy to be embraced. We strongly endorse programs and activities that build friendships and community and believe they are one of the most important factors

linked to student satisfaction with high school homeschooling.  


We Value Creativity and Strive for Excellence in Education

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